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Pawn Shop Finds - The Blown Up Smith & Wesson Model 15

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    Pawn Shop Finds - The Blown Up Smith & Wesson Model 15

    Last week, I was walking around in a local gun shop and they had an extremely blown up Smith & Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece (Model 15) in the case. I was immediately interested in the story behind this classic wheel gun. When I picked up the old Smith, I saw it wasn't for sale sadly.
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    Its fixable, but I'd prolly lose it in the lake.

    Cool story, Bruh, but total BS.

    1. .357 cartridge will not chamber in a .38Special cylinder.

    2. The Model 15 is a K frame. The K frame is available in .357 chambering.

    My guess as to what happened,

    A double charge. Possibly, a max .357 charge was being loaded and put into a .38 case. Result, compressed and over charged.

    I love / hate seeing those catastrophic failures and want to know what happened.

    Had a guy bring a Rem 700BDL .270 in for inspect/repair.

    He was at the range, sighting in the scope. Pulled trigger, recoil knocked him off the bench, bolt wouldn't open.

    Receiver was swelled, but not cracked or blown.

    Finally managed to get the bolt open. Could READ
    " .308 WIN " in the bolt face.

    Dude and his B-I-L had both purchased 700BDL. One in .270, the other .otheNoth were at the range and sharing the bench.
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      I think the story is true except this was the burglars gun.

      See one night a old black fella heard a noise in his living room and went to investigate. He seen a man with a gun and a struggle ensued.

      The bad guy shoves the gun in the old mans face and was bout to pull the trigger when the old fella jammed his pinky finger in the barrel.

      The bad guy pulled the trigger and the gun blew up and a piece of shrapnel hit the bad guy in the head, killing him instantly, the Ol guy lost the tip of his pinky finger.

      He then called police and they investigated and took the pistol as evidence. And there it set in a evidence room for decades, until one day a unscrupulous Cop stole it out of the evidence room and sold it to a pawnshop.

      See, it’s all in how ya tell a story.
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        Walter had sense enough to not pull the trigger.

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        It wouldn't have done Garner's finger any good.

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        It didn't hurt Bugs any