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    Interesting find

    Here's your chance to get a great deal on a beautiful stock blank! I have a bunch of Walnut gunstock blanks, I consider it Claro Walnut, but I'm no expert....I do know it's beautiful wood regardless of name! Lots of color and figure. I cut this tree down about 5 years ago and had it sawed into gun stock slabs. After a year covered outside, I cut the slabs into stock blanks, reapplied end seal and moved them into my basement. These are cut WAY oversize, and have great grain layout. I have rifle blanks and two piece blanks, average 3" some are little thinner at 2 1/2" thick. My moisture meter broke and it hasn't been a priority to replace it, so I don't know exactly what % they are at, but should be getting about right. This is NOT kiln dried, its been handled correctly, and will make great stocks. The picture is a sample of a few of the blanks. I have about 4 rifle blanks left, one of which should be long enough for a muzzle loader, and 10 or so 2 piece blanks left. Also just dug up a few tiger stripe maple blanks if thats your look! The maple has been cut for 8 years, so its dried. I also have tons of cut off pieces for knife handles or turning projects, just let me know what you are looking for. Anyway, I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in a blank for a project, price depends on piece....but its going to be much cheaper than anywhere else, for the same quality! Most rifle blanks are in the $100-$200 range, two piece from $50-$200..... just let me know what you are looking for and I can send pictures. If you are wanting to try your hand at making a two piece shotgun stock, I may also be willing to drill the through bolt for you.
    I'm also willing to trade as well. I would love to find a small or large ring Mauser action, or a sporterized anything. I'm pretty open as far as trades go.....offer away!

    Will trade for:

    Anything firearm related!
    Outdoors, hunting, camping, ????
    Project guns ok! Especially broken stocks :-) I have a bunch of wood to use up.

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    I think if you tried a little you can find some local and probably a whole lot cheaper or free. Jes sayin’. My brother scored a real nice piece and it was rough cut to his gun for $20. Guy said the $20 was for rough cutting it.
    All of my post are either my personal opinion or just bull hocks.


      I'm pretty particular bout wood.
      Live, Love and Laugh...


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        But only the circumference right?

      Not many know how to keep the blanks from splitting or set up for a stock blank.

      Had a guy in Houston that would take a carhauler cowboy to a woodcutter, once a year and get a trailer load of pecan, oak, maple, walnut, and other hard wood logs, for CHEAP. He built furniture, cabinets, and gun stocks.

      I could never find out where he got those logs.

      Seen a dining table, that sat 12, he built out of pecan. Amazing table and sold it for ONLY $4 grand.


        I just saw this. Send me some pics!! I have a CZ-452 that is in need of a new stock!


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          It was on Armslist

          I'll see if it's still listed

          I don't remember it having pics

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          Oh, never mind.... I thought it was YOU who had the stock blanks. I got excited and didn't read far enough.

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          I wish