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School me on Progressive presses

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    School me on Progressive presses

    As I am sitting here restocking my ammo, I am starting to think I need a progressive press. I am currently using a Lee turret press and the thing I like about it is I have several turrets preset with dies for each caliber I load. I load 45ACP, 45LC, and 308win. So my question with progressives do I need a different one for each caliber or are there easy ways to change between calibers? Plus what is the pro and cons of the popular progressives?

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      Progressive loaders scare me.
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        The progressives are usually dedicated set ups. They can be changed, but not easily and fine tuning is a pain. Some tuning is always needed, even on dedicated.

        Your Lee turrets are the way to go.

        The only progressive I use is a MEC 12ga press, set up for skeet / dove loads. For heavy 12ga, I still use single stage.

        Rifle cartridges are all loaded single stage on Rock Chucker.

        Cowboy cartridges are on Lee Turret.

        IMHO, a high volume progressive press is meant to be dedicated to ONE LOAD.
        Every press I have been around was such. .45ACP, 9mm, .38Spl match ammo.

        When you factor in the cost for such a set up ( $1000 +/- ) and I load 16 calibers and 5 shotshell gauges; progressives aren't in my plans.

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          I have a hornady auto progressive press. It comes with twist lock quick change die holders, which makes caliber changes easy. It is a pain in the ass to get setup the first time thru i have to admit. I still check every couple powder drops for weight. Once its running tho man it is fast. I probably would have never switched but the beautiful Sunshine got it for me for Christmas last year.

          I still have a rock chucker for my 4570s but i do 45acp, 9mm, and 38spl all on the hornady.

          Fair warning tho, the quick change die holders which will hold lee and rcbs dies are amazing but they require your dies to be set at different depths. So once theyre set in the holders you wont just be switchin em back to your lee without re adjusting them. But i found with my rock chucker they make an adapter so the quick change holders can be inserted into the old single stage rcbs. That alone might be worth a set up just for the ease of the quick changes.

          Yes the hornady still scares me but when you pump out 500 rounds in quite literally half the time its advantages show.
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            Which Hornady press is it, the Lock n Load?

          • Eyecyou
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            Yes the lock n load ap

          Thanks for the info. Normally I try to not wait until I have so much to load but for some reason this year between the heat and all the running around for the kids I have fallen behind on my reloading. I can normally pump out a 100 rounds of the 45s in an hour. Just been thinking about trying to speed the process up a little.


            Maybe a little late to help you, but I have Dillon RL-550B presses, a Hornady Lock 'n Load AP, a couple of turret presses and several single stage presses. In my experience the Dillon presses are by far the best of the progressive loaders. I have a buddy with the Lee progressive press and it works for him but is constantly needing to be adjusted. The Hornady is very finicky with respect to the auto primer function and having to change dies while not difficult once they are set up is still not as easy as the Dillon with removable tool heads. If I had it to do over, I would go with the Dillon 650 or new 750 rather than the 550. The 550 has a four position tool head and the 650 and 750 have five position tool heads. The 550 also won't support a case feeder for rifle length brass while the others do. I have loaded thousands of rounds with the Dillons and as with any loading operation you MUST pay attention to the process. The 550 is manually advanced by your thumb while its bigger brothers are automatically advanced by a cam. The Hornady also is automatically advanced. The auto advance is supposed to keep you from being able to double charge a case and it is a great feature.
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              Hey bud! Hope all is well!

            • turkeyrun
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              Pay close attention

              Blitz prolly has double the experience of the cumulative total of everybody here.

            I'll just put this here.

            Found on ARMSLIST, this morning

            3 lee pro 1000 progressive reloading presses they are set up for 9mm ,45acp, 44mag/45LC lots of extra parts . No trades located in pryor
            " most of the people you come across are good people. Those others are why you have a .45 and a shotgun. " Wyatt Earp


              Just loaded my first 300BO on a borrowed RCBS single with the help of 2 mentors.
              Used a borrowed little dandy powder dropper, crimper,

              I just bought several single rcbs presses of my own, primer hole sizer/cleaner, decapper, dies, case crimper, scale.
              Lee powder dispenser on order.
              Gonna have them set up to decap, resize, seat and crimp individually on 1 piece of Oak board that I can quick mount/remove to my workbench.

              Also bought a Hornady LnL AP already set up for 9mm that I will prob have to tap you guys with experience for help. 9mm will be a little bit before I get to it.

              Does anyone have experience with the Lee 90700 bench mount priming tool?


                Dillon set up for .45ACP on Armslist
                " most of the people you come across are good people. Those others are why you have a .45 and a shotgun. " Wyatt Earp


                  Which one?


                  • turkeyrun
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                    Was the Square Deal $400
                    It's gone. I didnt think it would last long, but it went really quick.

                  • YankIt
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                    They got $400 for a Square Deal?
                    Damn I got one in a box on the shelf I might sell for that. I had no idea they were going that high. I think I gave a hundred for it.

                  I gave $200 for that Hornady LnL with dies and parts set up for 9mm.
                  loaded 1500rds on it so far with the Summit City Bullets suggested here.(thank you!!)
                  so far so good, I have shot about 400 rounds of my loads after getting the dies and powder adjusted(pretty much max load)
                  still struggling with the 300bo loads as far as getting the gun to cycle with different loads
                  not sure why everyone suggest a ladder work up on loads when it seems max load is the only thing that cycles semiauto guns.