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    Phil Hensch

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ID:	92108Click image for larger version  Name:	63B1EBC1-F8B9-4AE4-B87C-DE0DD5126402.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	300.1 KB ID:	92107 Very bad news - Dan's dad passed away last week.
    Y'all probably have met Phil at the Run N Guns, he never missed one. He was an RO, and he ran the 10k as well. He was a great guy, great dad, and he will be sorely missed. After being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, he decided to fight. And man, did he ever. He continued to be very active, and most folks didn't even know he was sick. Truly a tough, tough guy.

    A memorial service will be held for Phil Wednesday, 11/21 at 1PM -

    Stillwater Bible Church
    7617 W 6th Ave
    Stillwater OK 74074

    RIP Phil.

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    I'm sorry to hear that. My condolences to Dan, the family, and friends.
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      Very saddened by this news. Mr Hensch was great patriot and a good man. I wished we had more like him. Condolences to the Hensch family.


        Daniel, I’m thinking about ya, I’m sorry.
        “I will not comply”


          So sorry for your loss, Daniel.

          Prayers for the family.
          " most of the people you come across are good people. Those others are why you have a .45 and a shotgun. " Wyatt Earp


            Condolences Hensch and all who knew him!
            If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may know peace.
            Thomas Paine 1776

            You have me confused with a man that puts up with women's shit!


              Amazing that he still did run and guns and never complained or even mentioned what he was going through. Prayers for you Daniel.


              • Lurker66
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                Absolutely amazing.

              Thoughts and prayers for all.


                Thanks y'all. He was tough alright... four months ago he finished the 5K at the Summer RnG in weather that made lots of others quit, and finished the10K last January. He finished Pecos in 106 degree weather last year. Once he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer a little over 2 years ago, our family made the most of the time we had and filled it with great memories with him. We skied Aspen, fished Destin, hiked Hawaii, and went on many other smaller vacations. Hell, we were on vacation in Arkansas when the cancer finally grew into his spine and paralyzed him 2 weeks before he died. None of us have any regrets about any of it.

                If you ever get discouraged about the RnG, just remember... a 68 y.o. man who was ate up with lung cancer did it. Cowboy tf up.
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                • Lurker66
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                  Man yer right, he’s a measuring stick and a great inspiration. We’ll miss him.

                • Matt in TN
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                  Well done, sir. I hope when it's my time, my family does the same for me.

                  But I am still very sorry for your loss.

                Daniel I am very sorry to hear this. Phil was a nice a man a person could ever meet. I only spoke to him a few times but every time he made me feel welcome. He seemed to always be wearing a smile even when the weather was miserable.

                You and and your family will be in our prayers.


                  Dammit. I just saw this thread.

                  I'm so glad he decided to fight and got to spend a lot of quality time with his family. I loved hearing about the Run n' Guns that he and Daniel shared together.

                  My heart goes out to you and yours Daniel.


                    Just saw this. Continued prayers for yall.