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Moody's CCW RnG - Aurora, Missouri

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    Moody's CCW RnG - Aurora, Missouri

    20-odd ambitious fellows ventured to Aurora, Missouri this morning braving cloudy skies, chilly temps and intermittent rain to participate in Brent's inaugural running of his CCW Run n' Gun. The basic concept was that you were out and about and needed to get somewhere else (use your imagination). The only equipment you could use was what you had on you. In this case, it was a pistol and 30 rounds of ammo.

    Brent's course was laid out in such a way that the "home base" had obstacles and shooting stages. As each stage at the home base was completed, the competitor took off on a certain colored route for a ways, encountered obstacles and/or skills to perform, and stages to be shot; then circled back to the home base to complete another obstacle, shoot another stage there, then take off again on a different colored route. It worked about very well with very little to no wait time at any particular stage.

    Along the way you might encounter an obstacle that needed negotiating (or face a stiff penalty), or need to perform a task to continue on the way. There was even some "alternate" transportation available for a short part of the course. I'm not going to give away all of his obstacles or extra skills, but each one was very challenging.

    In the spirit of the event, I dressed how I dress every day for work (although I left the Brioni suit and Allen Edmond shoes at home). I scrounged up some retired stuff and made an outfit out of it that at least had all the ingredients for my every day wear.

    The stages were all very challenging and you just couldn't "spray and pray" at the stages as you had limited ammo. Competitors were directed by each stage RO to shoot so many rounds at each target (not obtain so many hits). This forced competitors to take a little more time and make sure you got the hits. As only hits counted for points. Targets were all steel and ranged from maybe 5-7 yards all the way out over 50 yards.

    The consensus among the competitors was that this was a very fun and challenging match, based on a very unique and pertinent concept. I personally hope that this kind of match catches on and Match directors can add more of these types of events. Maybe not as main events, but maybe as a side event or an extra day event.

    Some one can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the total distances was around 2.5 miles or so (maybe shorter). I think Chad said he ran 2.8 miles, but I think he got lost for while. There are lots of good shooter and runners in Missouri and many of them showed up for this.

    After everyone was through, we gathered for a short debriefing followed by a very good rib lunch (Thanks Erin!)

    I'd like to thank Brent and his entire family for coming up with this concept and putting on this match. I hope he can make it happen on a regular basis.Oh, and we all got a really cool T-shirt.

    I forgot to thank my ever-present companion (for over 43 years now!) for making this trek with me and taking the pics. Thanks dear (Laura).
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    A ccw only match would be fun!!
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      That's very interesting. Good write up sir. Thank you.


        Who invited the Jehovah Witness??

        Great job, always enjoy your AAR's.


          Looks like a cool course and a great idea!


            That’s a neat idea. Sounds it was a very good time. Thanks for always taking the time to do a good write on the events you attend.


              Thanks Nick great write up. Could this be done with a small revolver or a .380 type gun?

              Reason I ask is this; I love the idea of a EDC RNG, I usually carry either a 640-1 Smith, Colt Govt .380 or Kahr K9. Usually a extra speed strip for a total of 10 rounds or an extra mag for a total of 14 rounds.

              Thats my EDC. For a competition I would carry more but if a “situation” happened, that’s all I’d have...and that’s why I’ve been trying to stash a AR pistol in my vehicle...just in case.

              Anyways I’m ranting lol. I think a “run” like this is close to a real world exercise, as close as a RNG is to a “bug out” 2A event.

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                Lurker, It could be! This event was planned around a typical EDC pistol . . . A Glock 19 and one spare mag totaling 30 rounds. The target count was based on that round count. It could be modified to any target number.

              • Lurker66
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                Got it. When’s the next one lol.